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I haven’t been blogging for a while I know; I have been focusing on my inner pup and to be honest my writer has been a little distracted.

I am very grown up now, I have had my second birthday already. I have been enjoying being part of the Mindfulness North Canterbury mindfulness retreats, offering people my uncensored love and presence. Have you been on a Labrador assisted mindfulness retreat?

I have made friends with Basil the cat….finally. When he was feeling unwell recently, I was there for him, with my loving licks and bouncy bottom. I know what it feels like to not feel well and be scared. We may be very different in what we like and want (although we both like his cat biscuits a lot) but we have found a way to put our differences aside to find a way to connect.

We do have some communication misunderstandings; it seems wagging of tails is not the same for cats? We keep trying though to find a way to understand each other and how we see the world based on our own past experiences and make up. We stay curious with each other.

We have some clear boundaries of what is ok for us (well Basil does anyway)We try to understand each other, acknowledging we come from different places (and species).

We also have a lot in common, we both love food, want to be loved, and want to feel safe and connected. We share a love for sunny spots, log burners, beds, yoga mats and couches too.

When we are fearful, it is harder to connect and remember our common ground.

Time for a nap on that couch I think

Sam the zen puppy


Sam’s b/log: the life and loves of a zen puppy

1st December 2020 Sam’s blog…..Being with visitors

” I noticed that mum felt like sadness was with her. She said a friend was visiting…..I could feel and smell the sadness as it wrapped itself around her heart and oozed from her eyes. She didn’t seem to want to take me for a walk or a run, but that was ok. Her visitor did not want to rub my tummy, but that was ok tooShe just wanted to sit there with the sadnessSo I sat with her, I lay with her ……and her friend sadness I snuggled them both, until sadness felt seen and cared forNo words, no answers or solutions, no pearls of wisdom. I snuggled them both, until she felt seen and cared forThen sadness leftWe went for a walk in the sunshineJoy visited Somehow it felt like there was now space for joy , now that she had been with sadness for a while. Maybe she had too much of the sad watery stuff inside her that needed to come out of her eyes so she could make room for joy to visit again?” Sam x

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Sam’s b/log: life and loves of a zen puppy

8th December 2020

🐾🐾Hot off the paws: Sam’s blog #zenpuppy Showing the love in the momentOh the joy of seeing people I love (and I love pretty much everyone!) Even if they have only been gone for a few moments……..This moment matters I never want to miss an opportunity to let people know how much I love themWhen I see them all my love comes rushing outIn a burst of bouncy wiggliness (and sometimes a little wee) I have to let them know how happy I am to see them……. with my helicopter tail To let them know how important they are to me, how I appreciate them in my life…. by showing them how well I carry a pine cone. I want them to see that they are special to me and I cherish being with them. How sad it would be not to show this….. for us both. Every moment matters 💜🐾

Chicken mindfulness

Welcome to the new members of our whanau, 5 more chookies who needed some homes. They will be joining the resident chookies as well as Mr. Moo and Stealthy and of course Sam who some of you have met on retreat days.
What have chickens got to to with mindfulness you may ask!? Well quite a lot really. Mindfulness is a practice and a way of life rather than some techniques or limited to meditation. Some who know me are aware that I am also a passionate permaculturist, since my discovery of it over 20 years ago I have been developing a permaculture property (in between working, training, teaching etc…so very slowly!)
I see peramaculture and mindfulness going hand in hand and will be exploring this further through workshops and retreats in the future.
So yes back to the chickens…..for those of you who have the pleasure of having chickens in your lives, you know…….they are just great to hang out with and just be with. I often sit with them and even meditate with them as they go about their chickeny business . It is a lovely way of connecting with nature and the earth and non human beings.
Over the years of teaching mindfulness it has struck me how many people feel joy and mindful in the presence of nature, animals, trees, plants etc. This is no coincidence I feel , as we ARE nature; it is like coming home to our essential selves and thus feels good (even when things are difficult).We just know this intuitively.
Especially if humans haven’t been the safest or most easy to connect with for us……nature is always there for us; our home and place we always belong. Kate 🐔

Hand washing meditation

Hand washing meditation
So we all know we need to be doing this a lot right now, so rather than it being a chore or fear based activity we can make it an opportunity to practice mindfulness.
Bringing all of your awareness first off to your feet on the floor, feeling the connection to earth and sensation of being supported, see if you can surrender a little to gravity.
Take a look at those hands that belong to you, that do so much for you, seeing if you can bring some gentle care towards these hands and yourself as you begin the cleansing process in a loving, detailed way.
So all of your attention is now in the sensation of your hands. feeling temperature of the water, sensations of the water and soap touching the skin, the touch of each hand on each other. Taking the time to be fully present with this experience of touch and care.
Maybe noticing smells of the soap, feeling into your posture, how you are standing, where your weight is. 
The science: touch is an important way of activating the mammalian care giving system which releases oxytocin and endorphins (make us feel connected and loving and also relieves pain). These chemicals counteract the stress hormones and de-activate the stress response. Touching our hands in a soothing way with an intention to be caring is therefore a way of reducing stress and anxiety through bio hacking (not through thinking). Give it a go and see what you notice……
Lifebuoy bar soap hand wash study (RCT) | LSTM