Sam the zen puppy blog

Sam’s blog August 1st 2022

I have been a very busy puppy, no, not chasing balls or sticks or following sniffs….I have been looking after Rob and Kate, while they were not allowed to go out.

I am not sure what they had done, to not be allowed out: but it seemed to involve much lying around, coughing, sneezing and watching Netflix!

I actually think it did them some good to stay put for a while and rest, it is winter after all…isn’t that what we are supposed to do?

I have noticed that humans seem to have difficulty with resting, which is confusing to me as everything else in nature knows how important it is, just as vital as the running about or chewing your bone bit.

My best zoomies are always when I have had some good, focused, and serious resting.

 I find I feel more growly when I haven’t had my rest.

Mum says that she thinks my bounciness and love comes from my ability to do really good resting: on the bed, the floor, the couch…especially in a sun puddle, that is the best place!

One day I hope humans remember how to do the resting part as well as the zooming.

May I recommend the on the floor position, on your back with legs splayed, like you just don’t care!

Love Sam



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