Mindfulness and self compassion for health/ caring professionals

Specialist professional supervision, mentoring and workshops based in mindfulness and self compassion, for health and caring professionals.

Kate Brandram-Adams RN(MH), Certified addictions registered nurse, Registered MBSR/ mindfulness teacher, Cert yoga teacher. DAAPANZ accredited clinical supervisor

Kate brings her 3 decades of extensive mental health and addictions experience across the sectors and combines this with her depth of skill and experience in mindfulness and self compassion practices; both her own personal practice and teaching of it to others; to provide a special type of supervision, mentoring and professional development.

Professional/ clinical supervision/ mentoring 

Kate provides a unique combination of:

Mental health/ addictions clinical experience and understanding of the work, systems and stressors.  

Personal practice of mindfulness, self compassion and yoga to support her own clinical work and wellbeing. Including 1000’s of hours of teacher supported practice. 

in depth and on going training and years of experience in using mindfulness based interventions, ACT and  self compassion modalities with others. 

She supports others through self inquiry and gentle curiosity to integrate and embody these ways of being into their clinical work. While also nourishing the clinicians’ sustainable wellbeing and integrity of values they bring to their work. 

Whatever your background, you can benefit from this “whole person” mindfulness and self compassion approach to supervision.

Kate enjoys her own ongoing clinical supervision from experts in the field of mindfulness, clinical supervision and mental health. Training is ongoing, as she is passionate about staying up to date with the most cutting edge research and best practice. 

Kate works with doctors, psychologists, nurses, counsellors, probation officers, vets and vet nurses, teachers and social workers s. In person in Rangiora or nationally and internationally on zoom. 


This type of supervision/ mentoring is for you if: 

  • You work in health/mental health/ addictions and want to support your own sustainable wellbeing and integrity of your values ,doing what you love. 
  • You are frequently being exposed to others pain and trauma in your work
  • You already work with clients/ patients using mindfulness based interventions that you have been trained in, such as ACT and want to have a place to explore and grow these further, so maybe they feel more natural, embodied and flexible. 
  • You want to embody more of what you are offering clients in the way of MBIs and self compassion work by focusing on and getting support for your own personal practice of these in your life for you. Knowing that much of the way our clients/ patients develop mindfulness and self compassion is by it being embodied by the clinician.  Siegel D (2010) The Mindful Therapist. 
  • You already have a mindfulness/ self compassion practice and work with clients in this way and want to explore further, deepen and look at the art and science of integrating them more. 

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Professional/ clinical supervision/ mentoring based in mindfulness and self compassion. 

Mindful self compassion workshops and 1×1 for health/ caring professionals

Mindfulness/ self compassion retreats for health/ caring professionals 

Being a health/ caring professional or teacher comes with their particular stresses and struggles as well as wonderful rewards of doing what we care about.

Dealing with funding restraints, under resourcing, organisational issues as well as the actual work of being in a caring, helping, teaching role can take its toll. We are often being exposed, sometimes frequently, to others pain and distress, as well as dealing with our our own ups and downs of being human. 

Often these roles involve giving of ourselves day in day out, going “above and beyond”.

We are essentially “the tools of our trade” and so we have to look after ourselves and keep ourselves well, so we can continue to offer our best in a sustainable way. From an organisational and financial perspective it makes sense to look after staff.

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