About Mindfulness North Canterbury

Local, professional, grounded in research and science, facilitated with heart.
Connecting modern day neuroscience with ancient wisdom

Mindfulness North Canterbury is truly local and believes that rural communities should have access to these cutting edge courses without having to travel to the main centres and cities. 

Kate loves living in rural North Canterbury and wants to share her skills and 3 decades of clinical experience by:

“providing effective teachings,  based in science and ancient wisdom,  in a relevant North Cantabrian way………by a local for the locals”


You can read more about Kate’s professional training and background here


Listen to Radio interview with Kate on her journey and passion for mindfulness for herself and those she teaches

Article in Family Times magazine Mindfulness for you-and your kids 

What people have to say about the courses……..

I found Kate to be an amazingly inspirational teacher. Her passion, knowledge and experience with Mindfulness practice shone through her teaching which was delivered in an accessible, thoughtful, enjoyable and very professional manner. Her ability to integrate the theory around mindfulness and neuroscience into actual practice (in this case mindfulness self-compassion) was impressive and really helped to make sense of why/how mindfulness practice can be so beneficial in our often crazy frantic lives. Through Kate’s teaching she transformed Self Compassion into something that is a simple every-day necessity rather than a concept that in Western Culture is often understood as one of self-indulgence or self-pity.

Thanks Kate you are a priceless gem.

Sue H. Social Worker

Mindfulness North Canterbury offers more than just mindfulness courses.  Based on Kate’s eclectic and holistic training and experience, our offerings include a range of evidence based modalities and well being topics.  Our aim is to offer these in a smorgasbord of formats to meet people different needs and interests, while keeping the integrity of what we are offering at the forefront. Sign up for updates on courses and workshops here.

Mindfulness North Canterbury aspires to offer…….

“A range of portals for people to access their inner genius”