Building Resilience 5 week course

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Rewire your brain to be more resilient

This 5 week course is bursting with cool neuroscience and practical tools that actually make lasting changes to your brain and life.

80 minute sessions with practices to take away to rewire your brain.

Based in the work of Dr Rick Hanson’s positive neuroplasticity training and much more.

Resilient people make resilient communities: be part of making your community resilient in these uncertain and challenging times.

Some of the themes covered will include:

  • Mindfulness: the power and pleasure of being present
  • Working with the puppy mind/ ruminating mind
  • Re balancing the negativity bias: from surviving to thriving
  • Making good experiences stick and become part of us.
  • Connecting with and cultivating joy, kindness and compassion
  • Learning the benefits and how to be “on your own side” when things are difficult
  • Building connection for resilience

Course includes:

  • 5 weeks of 80 minute classes
  • Specifically tailored recorded guided practices to use at home
  • Weekly digital resources to keep (rather than a paper coursebook).