In my professional role as a Clinical Psychologist working in the community it has been a relief to have MNC as a service to refer people to. When doing so, I wholeheartedly believe in and trust Kate.  I began attending individual supervision sessions with Kate in 2020 so that I can bring more of the mindfulness approach into my own clinical work and I have witnessed transformational change often in people who have long histories of trying other forms of more “talking based therapies”.

I believe that, without a doubt, MNC helps North Canterbury to be a more connected, awake, compassionate place to live. The more people who can access this service the better. We are so lucky to have it.” 

Aisling Sheehan PhD Clinical Psychologist

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) 8 week course

“I highly recommend this course for anyone looking for and open to new ways to help with the inevitable challenges that come up in life.  I have read about mindfulness over the years and the concepts have always resonated with me. The course has allowed me to integrate mindfulness into my daily life and put the concepts into practice. If you are thinking about the course I’d encourage you to jump in and do it! I love the way the course allowed me to gain insight into what was most important for my individual needs and provided the tools for helping with these needs. I’m enjoying being more present, taking pleasure in the simple things and have new ways of dealing with the less pleasant aspects of life. Kate is a fantastic teacher. She created a wonderful learning environment, guiding our group with skill and care.”

Dr. Amanda Torkington FRNZCGP
General Practioner, Rangiora.

MBSR course participant with Mindfulness North Canterbury,  Oct 2018


“MBSR is truly a life changing journey. It was one of the most challenging yet enlightening 8 weeks of my life. I’ve created a new daily ritual of informal and daily practice and enjoy the benefits already. Thank you Kate – you are an absolute joy!”


MBSR participant Oct 2018 with Mindfulness North Canterbury




“MBSR has opened my eyes to a new way of managing and approaching stress, anxiety and unwanted thoughts. Coming to terms with them in a a genuine, authentic and compassionate way, not through “quick fix”or gimmicky ways which are prevalent in current times.

Kate is an excellent teacher, with a huge depth of knowledge in the area and obvious compassion for class participants. I would thoroughly recommend the course to anyone considering doing this”

Ben,  MBSR course participant with Mindfulness North Canterbury, June 2018

“The most beneficial 8 weeks of my life! The clarity gained from practicing mindfulness among this amazing group of like minded people has been amazing. The course has set up a chain reaction of lifestyle changes that I doubt would have never happened in the same way if at all.

Thank you Kate for your superb leadership, compassion and knowledge of mindfulness practice”

Sue, MBSR course participant with Mindfulness North Canterbury, June 2018


“Having struggled with anxiety for many years, the prospect of sitting in a room full of people to do this course was terrifying. Kate made it a pleasure to come. I now feel more balanced, less reactive and my anxiety levels have dropped. The balance of theory and practice is great. So nice to know that my thought processes are normal! Meditation has now become part of my life. Thank you Kate


MBSR participant Oct 2018 with Mindfulness North Canterbury


“There was no judgment on this course. I found only kindness and vulnerability”

Mark Harris, MBSR participant with Mindfulness North Canterbury, June 2018


“The MBSR course has helped me listen truly and respond in the moment. It trains you to be more aware of your feelings and your body and respond to people rather then react. As a nurse I have seen so many benefits both for myself and for the others in the group and see that it (the course) has real value in assisting people to overcome many struggles in their lives. Also it’s fun and the retreat day with no phones and no chatting and other mindfulness activities was awesome. Thank you Kate. It’s given me more clarity in my life”

D.G., MBSR participant with Mindfulness North Canterbury, June 2018

Introduction course and practice group

“I first met Kate in October 2017 when I joined an “Introduction to Mindfulness” course in Rangiora.  Initially I was skeptical that a group setting was appropriate for what is a very individual journey. I need not of worried.  Kate is great.  She brings a wealth of knowledge to the group and uses her own experiences to stimulate discussion without anyone feeling pressured.

Since doing the intro course I have gone onto weekly practice sessions guided by Kate which are varied and empowering.  I would strongly recommend that anyone considering meditation should give consideration to the courses run by Kate.  You will not be disappointed.”

Elaine Rutherford. North Loburn April 2018

Mindful Self Compassion Workshop 

“I found Kate to be an amazingly inspirational teacher. Her passion, knowledge and experience with Mindfulness practice shone through her teaching which was delivered in an accessible, thoughtful, enjoyable and very professional manner. Her ability to integrate the theory around mindfulness and neuroscience into actual practice (in this case mindfulness self-compassion) was impressive and really helped to make sense of why/how mindfulness practice can be so beneficial in our often crazy frantic lives. Through Kate’s teaching she transformed Self Compassion into something that is a simple every-day necessity rather than a concept that in Western Culture is often understood as one of self-indulgence or self-pity. Thanks Kate you are a priceless gem.”

Sue Herber Mental health clinician/ Social Worker, Dec 2017

“Thank you for the loving and caring way in which you presented the Mindful Self Compassion workshop. It was a great confirmation of what I had started to explore as part of my mindset journey and is, what I feel, may be the missing link for me. It gave me some further ‘tools’ to practice and be mindful of.”
“I attended a 4 hour mindfulness self compassion workshop that was well organised with practical & accessible practices to take away for every day use. I learned how to notice the triggers that closed my heart & compassion (as a form of protection). I’m learning now to operate from a more open hearted stance with loving boundaries. I found Kate to be a warm, open & skilled teacher. Very relatable. Enjoyable workshop with an amazing group of people. I look forward to attending more of Kate’s workshops in the future.
With a big thank-you for sharing, keep up your great work”
Alison Rae, Nov 2017

Other testimonials

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“I used to think retreats were for people who were hardcore meditators. I can actually remember a while back when my wife was going to go on a silent retreat I called her weird. This all changed when I went on my first day retreat a few years later. People weren’t hardcore or weird. In fact, people were lovely.
I loved my first retreat! It was by far the most peaceful, enjoyable, happy day I had
had in years!”

Mark Harris, builder

“It was a real treat to participate in Kate’s mindfulness retreat. It was a great opportunity to reconnect with those practices you know are good for you but get out of the habit of doing when life gets in the way. Kate is a highly skilled facilitator, she created a well thought-out programme using a variety of techniques and practices throughout the day. It was suitable for all – from those new to mindfulness to more established practitioners. She quickly created a safe, trusting and nurturing environment, even though participants didn’t all know each other. I highly recommend Kate’s retreat as a great way to reconnect with practice or deepen your skills and knowledge.”
Jane Davis, Director, The Flourishing Institute.

“Everybody laughed when I told them I was going on a silent retreat.  Even I was a little bit concerned, no talking, for six hours, how would I manage?  But, my first retreat was wonderful, it was bliss, and at the end of the day, I didn’t want to talk.  We ate our lunch in mindful silence and it was probably the best cheese and tomato sandwich I have ever experienced!  Meditating for me is a treat, it is like my own personal holiday, a break from the constant chatter and never ending to-do list in my head.  A chance to observe my thoughts for what they are, just thoughts, to connect with myself through my body and senses, and to obtain some peace, away from the busy. “

Esther Skinner Mindfulness retreat participant


“What Mindfulness has taught me is a way to rest my busy busy mind. It’s a way of taking a break, which I used to do by watching TV or having a beer, but now I have another option.One that leaves me with clarity and peace of mind.Kate’s personal use of this training to become more in tune with her true self has really encouraged me on my own personal journey to be the best me I can be.If a more peaceful way of being sounds good & spending some quality time focusing your attention on your worn out self sounds nice then I highly recommend Kate’s classes in Mindfulness.”

Mark Broughton Dec 2017