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 Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction 8 week course (MBSR)

MBSR imageThis is the evidence-based “gold standard “of mindfulness courses. It has been taught around the world for 40 years and is extensively researched.

Who is it for? The course is for anyone who wants to reduce work, family or health-related stress and to bring a greater sense of balance and meaning to their lives and also to manage challenges more skilfully. The course is for adults and is of benefit for those totally new to mindfulness as well as those with a current practice.

MBSR is the course to do as CPD  for health professionals and teachers.

Next course starts: March/ April 2021 You can read more about this course here, or enquire now to register

Mindfulness in the workplace

workplace beeAll workplace offerings are individually tailored to your specific workplace and include the following options:

Mindfulness “taster”Workshop: we come to you and your staff.

The North Canterbury Mindful Workplace Programme

Read more about Mindfulness in the workplace and how we can help you have a more mindful organisation, however big or small.

With workplace health and safety being a huge priority now for employers. Mindfulness can play an important part in keeping staff healthy and safe.

Mindful and well staff means a mindful and well workplace which then has a positive impact on their work quality, productivity and ultimately happy clients/ customers/  livestock.

Mindfulness Retreats

mindfulness retreats.JPGA mindfulness retreat is for people that already have some mindfulness practice experience. It is either a half day or full day, purely for practicing mindfulness together!

It is an opportunity to be guided through a variety of practices, with nothing else to do but “just be”. It is held in beautiful surroundings and in noble silence to support your experience of going within and bringing awareness to your experience. This really is a time to release yourself from business and doing and listen to yourself. No phones, no one needing anything from you……… Re TREAT yourself!

Click here to read more about our mindfulness retreats. 

An Introduction to Mindful Self Compassion

mindful self compassion imageAre you self critical? kind to others but mean to yourself? get stressed and overwhelmed? Dealing with others pain? Going through some difficult/ painful times in your life? Having trouble staying motivated and wanting to makes changes?

There are many benefits of learning to be more self-compassionate, including:  reducing stress and stress related unhelpful behaviours, increased resilience to life’s difficulties and more ability to be with others pain.

 This 4 hr workshop provides both the theory, science and research findings alongside experiential exercises and practices to take with you. (it is not therapy)

Read more about our introduction to mindful self compassion workshop

North Canterbury Mindfulness Practice Group

mindfulness groupThis practice group is for anyone who has done some mindfulness training/ course and wants to keep their practice alive by joining a community of like minded folks to practice with.If you are interesting in joining the practice group, email us for more information on dates and times.

The group will involve some sort of combination of the following:

  • guided mindfulness practice
  • some instruction/ teachings
  • Facilitated exploration of our mindfulness practice, what we are noticing and how we are relating to our experience (this is called inquiry).
  • Discussions on how to live more mindfully and bring mindfulness into our lives.

Mindful Yoga

Hawarden Mindful Yoga “Gum boots and yoga Mats”

Mindful yoga is unique blend of gentle hatha yoga, mindfulness and self compassion practices. Providing a transformative combination; rooted in cutting edge science, anatomy and physiology and  ancient wisdom.

The classes are small, safe, friendly and professionally led by a Certified yoga teacher.  For beginners and experienced yogis alike.

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Read more about Mindful Yoga courses and workshops

An Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation 4 week course (Mindfulness Works)

fowersSee more about Mindfulness Works and this course here Available in the following areas in North Caterbury. Please email us if you would like them to be near you.

These popular 4 week courses are a great introduction to Mindfulness practice. It provides a “taster” for those that are curious about mindfulness and want to know if it is for them.

There is a lot of myths and misunderstandings out there of what mindfulness is and so this is an accessible way of finding out more and getting started.

These courses are run regularly in Rangiora but can also be made available in other areas in North Canterbury if there is enough interest. To register your interest in a course in your area email me