Sam the zen puppy blog

As a Labrador retriever I feel naturally drawn to certain things. I feel incredibly happy, joyful and in my flow when I am doing stuff that is my purpose. Mum says this is because I get a treat inside my brain called doggy-mine or something like that.

I am wired to love water, any water, from a fetid puddle to my mum’s steaming bathtub. I don’t know why particularly, it just is…..I feel connected to my ancestors even though I didn’t know them.

It feels soooooo good when I get to do what I’m here to do.

Like carrying things, I’m really good at carrying things, I carry dad’s gum boots, mums undies off the washing line and my absolute favourite….. a pine cone. Oh how I love carrying a pine cone!

I feel all dog, I feel I am living my purpose.

Mum just loves seeing the joy in me as I do what I love when I run bouncily free, ears a flap, tail up carrying a pine cone or stick.

It’s funny it seems that when I am living my purpose it brings other joy too? Maybe it reminds them to do the same?

I’m not good at digging holes, or running real fast after things, or biting people like some other canines nor at making beautiful art like the spiders, sweet music like the birds, or yummy soil like the worms.

This doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with me, they are just not my purpose.

My sense of purpose may change over the years too, but right now my purpose is to be by my mum’s side on the couch.

just being with.

I don’t need to do anything; my presence and love is all that matters. This too is very much a purpose.

To love and be with.




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