Sam the zen puppy blog

” Mum says doggy lives are too short and that we therefore are great teachers on how to live well.

Here are some of my secrets to a happy life

Start the day with a good stretch and going outside, feeling the earth under your paws and sniffing the air

Be surprised and happy to see everyone (even if they only popped away for a few minutes.)

Don’t hold onto to stuff that isn’t happening right now or not yours…… shake it off.

See everyone through the eyes of love and what is good about them.

Always enjoy expressing your voice with a good bark in the garden or car.

Rest often and a lot and anywhere. Especially in sunny spots.

Enjoy just being with someone and resting still and silent together.

Make time for the simple pleasures in life : connection, moving your body, sniffing the air, drinking cool water, body wiggles and shakes, rolling around on the ground.

Allow all moods from full on zoomies of joy to total puppy slump and everything in between , restlessness , sleepiness, to come and go

When you feel like bouncing , do it! (just not on people…I got told off for that)

Share your love (even when the other is in the bath or on toilet)

Do something you love everyday even if it is for a few minutes (chewing my bone) as it releases dopamine the happy chemicals.

When someone is sad, its ok…. maybe try licking their face or hand, just sitting with them while they are sad.

Don’t hold in your love, let it out….I really think this is why humans are so uptight and get constipated?

Practice not following every urge, as I’ve found these pass and I feel like a good boy when I am less impulsive.

Treat each day as an opportunity for love.

Finally a word of wisdom from my experience… be excited to see someone, wiggle your butt…..but try not to pee on them 😊

Sam the zen puppy



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