Sam’s blog

“The art of shaking it off”

“ I am loving the warmth of the sun on my furry body, especially now that mum and dad have bought me a couch to lie on outside (they sometimes share it with me, but clearly it is mine).

This fur though…

It can get awfully hot with all my helpful hairiness, in the sunshine (and I like to lie right in the sunshine…mum says I am boiling my brains).  I do love to cool off though by standing in the horses water trough followed by a big water induced zoomy (WIZ) ….feels so good you gotta try it.

Don’t get me wrong, my fur is great stuff ……I can grow heaps of it, and it keeps me well protected, all over. I am grateful for my fur.

But you know sometimes, it just really needs releasing, shedding, shaking off……

Sometimes things that protect us can get in the way too if we keep them past their use.

I love my fur, it does an awesome job….. but, I don’t always need so much of it. It can even sometimes restrict me enjoying things and taking in the warmth of the sun.

Ahhhh the feeling of a good shake, starting from my flippy flappy ears, wiggling all the way down to my butt….to the tippy tip of my tail……oooooh yeah feels so good.

I release what I don’t need anymore!

It has served its purpose and now it can, well….be left all over the carpet, couch, bed, blankets to be swept up and composted to feed the earth creatures or be used by the birdies to make their nests.

Sometimes I get support with releasing my fur too, for the tricky stuff that is harder to release. I feel loved when I have a good brush.

Shake well my friends”

Love Sam

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