Mindfulness and gratitude

What we pay attention to regularly shapes our brain; which changes our minds and perception of the world. Our human minds are built to have negativity bias, in other words they tend to pay attention and remember the negative stuff more than positive.
Great for survival but not so great for feeling happy 
Thank goodness for neuroplasticity: our brains are more like a muscle, they are changeable and can be shaped by what we pay attention to and practice regularly.
It can be habitual for us to spend much of our time only aware of and focused on what we don’t have, what isn’t good enough about me, someone else or a situation. What is lacking. The more we do this, the more the brain looks out for more of this, it becomes sensitized to the negative and what is lacking.
Mindfulness helps us to ask “what else is here right now?” to be aware of the good moments, the absence of difficulty or pain, even if that is only momentary. Asking ourselves what are we grateful for right now regularly can literally start to re wire and shape the brain create a grateful mind. Don’t take my word for it, why not give it a go……….

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