Balancing the negativity bias with mindfulness

Thank goodness we can train our brains to notice the good stuff too. Our factory setting as human beings is to be really awesome at noticing the bad, even storing it in our deepest memory banks so we will not forget!!! (and remember when we are trying to go to sleep). A wonderful adaptation for survival but not that much fun! We of course are the ones that have survived….so we tend to be really good at noticing bad stuff. The good news is…..neuroplasticity! the brain is changeable based on what we focus it on. So we can even things up if we practice noticing those good moments, not letting them slip past unnoticed!
Give it a go this weekend…..see how many good things you can notice, doesn’t have to big stuff…..smiles, hugs, cat purring, sip of tea, bulbs coming up, hot shower…….
I am running a mindfulness retreat on Sunday so this will be one of our practices.


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