Sam’s b/log: the life and loves of a zen puppy

1st December 2020 Sam’s blog…..Being with visitors

” I noticed that mum felt like sadness was with her. She said a friend was visiting…..I could feel and smell the sadness as it wrapped itself around her heart and oozed from her eyes. She didn’t seem to want to take me for a walk or a run, but that was ok. Her visitor did not want to rub my tummy, but that was ok tooShe just wanted to sit there with the sadnessSo I sat with her, I lay with her ……and her friend sadness I snuggled them both, until sadness felt seen and cared forNo words, no answers or solutions, no pearls of wisdom. I snuggled them both, until she felt seen and cared forThen sadness leftWe went for a walk in the sunshineJoy visited Somehow it felt like there was now space for joy , now that she had been with sadness for a while. Maybe she had too much of the sad watery stuff inside her that needed to come out of her eyes so she could make room for joy to visit again?” Sam x

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