Sam’s b/log: life and loves of a zen puppy

8th December 2020

🐾🐾Hot off the paws: Sam’s blog #zenpuppy Showing the love in the momentOh the joy of seeing people I love (and I love pretty much everyone!) Even if they have only been gone for a few moments……..This moment matters I never want to miss an opportunity to let people know how much I love themWhen I see them all my love comes rushing outIn a burst of bouncy wiggliness (and sometimes a little wee) I have to let them know how happy I am to see them……. with my helicopter tail To let them know how important they are to me, how I appreciate them in my life…. by showing them how well I carry a pine cone. I want them to see that they are special to me and I cherish being with them. How sad it would be not to show this….. for us both. Every moment matters 💜🐾

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