Hand washing meditation

Hand washing meditation
So we all know we need to be doing this a lot right now, so rather than it being a chore or fear based activity we can make it an opportunity to practice mindfulness.
Bringing all of your awareness first off to your feet on the floor, feeling the connection to earth and sensation of being supported, see if you can surrender a little to gravity.
Take a look at those hands that belong to you, that do so much for you, seeing if you can bring some gentle care towards these hands and yourself as you begin the cleansing process in a loving, detailed way.
So all of your attention is now in the sensation of your hands. feeling temperature of the water, sensations of the water and soap touching the skin, the touch of each hand on each other. Taking the time to be fully present with this experience of touch and care.
Maybe noticing smells of the soap, feeling into your posture, how you are standing, where your weight is. 
The science: touch is an important way of activating the mammalian care giving system which releases oxytocin and endorphins (make us feel connected and loving and also relieves pain). These chemicals counteract the stress hormones and de-activate the stress response. Touching our hands in a soothing way with an intention to be caring is therefore a way of reducing stress and anxiety through bio hacking (not through thinking). Give it a go and see what you notice……
Lifebuoy bar soap hand wash study (RCT) | LSTM

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