Mindful Yoga


Mindful yoga is unique blend of hatha yoga, mindfulness and self compassion practices. Providing a transformative combination; rooted in cutting edge science, anatomy and physiology and ancient wisdom.


These practices are known to provide stress relief, relaxation, increased flexibility and well being, not just in the class but in our lives.

“The aim of these classes it to reduce stress and increase well-being both on the mat and off the mat”

I teach and practice yoga as a way of being. Practicing new ways of relating to ourselves on the mat and taking that into our lives too.


The classes are small (max 8) safe, friendly and professionally led. The focus is on mindfulness of the body and breath and safe alignment.

The actual asana (yoga poses/ physical component)  is gentle and you are encouraged to go slowly and with awareness so you are able to use your own authority as to what is right for your body. That means you may use props, leave it out, do an alternative. It is set up so you don’t feel pressured to do anything that isn’t right for you and your body.


For beginners and experienced yogis alike. The yoga is taught as a way of bringing awareness to body and breath in each moment. So it doesn’t matter if this is your first time or thousandth doing yoga, as you will have never done it in this moment with this body!


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Courses and workshops are by registration only, no casuals.

To  register please email  me with your completed health and registration forms below.

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These forms need to be completed before starting a class. This is to provide a safe and effective class for you.Once payment is made you place will be confirmed.

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What people have to say about the Mindful Yoga courses…..

I attended my first Yoga class when I was thirteen, so its safe to say I have been to a few over the years with many different approaches. Yours by far is the best that I have experienced! It has everything that I have always wished a Yoga class had (for all these years).I’m  very excited. Ok so what does yours have that the others don’t. Firstly, a silent acceptance of who & however people are, no fancy attire to aspire to. Secondly, an earthy calmness that allows the session to be organic yet real informative about the accent roots of what the postures are and why they are called those intriguing names.Fourthly, gentle reminders to be one with our bodies and accept what they are telling us.Fifth, but not least important, a focus on comfort and physical warmth.Finally (thus far), all this highlights that yours is the difference between attending just an exercise class and attending a holistic spiritual experience (true Yoga). Mel R