Our qualifications

Kate’s Training and qualifications

  • Registered Mental health Nurse (UK and NZ) continuous clinical practice from 1996.
  • Certified Addictions Nurse (USA) 2001
  • 2 years of Naturopathy Training. Specialising in approaches for mental health and addiction recovery.
  • Certificates in Human Nutrition, massage and natural therapies
  • Professional training in ACT and DBT (from 2011)
  • Positive Neuroplasticity Training with Dr. Rick Hanson
  • Intensive and ongoing professional training in clinical use of Mindfulness based interventions  and MBSR (from 2000)
  • Registered Mindfulness/ MBSR teacher with MTIANZ
  • Certified Yoga Teacher YT200 (2017)
  • Training and ongoing training in Mindful Self compassion and compassion focused therapy  (Chris Germer, Kristin neff, Paul Gilbert)
  • Teacher training for self-compassion for health care communties
  • Training in trauma sensitive mindfulness with David Treleaven
  • Trauma sensitive yoga training with TCTSY
  • Certificate in Organic Horticulture
  • Non violent communication training
  • The work that reconnects (Joanna Macy)
  • Trained strengths based Clinical supervisor/ DAPAANZ clinical supervisor

ACC ISSC Treatment Provider 

Kate is also an ACC ISSC treatment provider and group therapy provider. Providing trauma sensitive mindfulness and self compassion 1×1 and group work, by referral from a  primary provider.

Why a Registered clinician and mindfulness teacher?

With mindfulness becoming the “buzz word”, popping up all over the place; the danger is that it will become diluted to yet another quick fix to try and feel better.

Registration of teachers provides one way of knowing that a mindfulness teacher has undergone intensive, specific training to teach mindfulness, ongoing training and  assessment and clinical supervision. They have been assessed as being competent to teach with depth of knowledge  and embody mindfulness in their life.

As well as being trained to teach it is vital that the mindfulness teacher embodies the practice of mindfulness; in other words they live it and breath it themselves. That they have their own formal mindfulness practice (and hatha yoga for MBSR teachers) and attend regular ongoing meditation retreat work for themselves.

As a Registered mental health nurse I have to abide by a code of professional conduct, am continually assessed for competence and have to stay updated in my field with continued professional development.

Clinical supervision

I receive ongoing supervision for both my nursing and mindfulness teaching by experienced clinicians in each field of expertise.

Mindfulness and yoga practice

To teach to others I believe requires an openness to go there yourself, to teach from your own experience as well as being professionally trained.

I have a daily yoga and formal mindfulness practice.

Since 2009 I have been practicing and exploring mindfulness and yoga for my own well- being, healing and personal development. This has been supported by many many wonderful teachers along the way on multiple meditation retreats.

These have included but are certainly not limited to:

James Carmody       Stephen Archer     Rob Burbea    John Peacock   

Bob Stahl     Christina Feldman   Yanaia Postelnik     Sharda Roggell  

Donna Farhi     Akincano Weber   Sister Shalom     Subhana Barzaghi

Chris Germer    Rick Hanson     Jeremy Logan     Vidyamala Burch 

Jill Shepherd

With much gratitude to all those teachers that support my own practice and journey, you know who you are 

Retreats at Gaia House, UK

Southern Insight Meditation NZ

Dharma Gaia NZ

Plum Village (Thich Nhat Hanh) France

I also nourish my practice through mindful movement and conscious dance practices: predominantly Open Floor and 5 Rhythms.

Combining professional training and integrity with my own experience and practice is what I bring to my teaching.